30 Hours of classroom
1. Students are not required to have a learner's permit to attend the classroom portion of the course.
2. All students are required to commence the course starting with Unit 1.
Students who miss the first class in a session will not be allowed to continue. In such cases, additional fees may apply if the student wishes to enroll in a future session. Students need to attend the first class to ensure continuity in their participation and avoid any potential additional costs.
3. If a student misses more than four classes in the original session they signed up for, they will be required to start the 30 hours of classroom instruction over. In addition, there may be additional fees associated with restarting the course
4. If a student misses a class, they will not be permitted to take the final exam until they have made up for the missed class. They are not allowed to just make up time missed.
5. To complete the in-class portion of the GLS program, students must achieve a passing score of 80% or higher on their Final Exam. If a student fails their Final Exam, they must retake it until they reach a passing score of 80% or higher. The first retake will be provided at no additional cost, but subsequent retakes will incur a retake fee.
6. Before attempting the Final Exam, it is mandatory for students to have completed all units and settled any outstanding balances.
7. Students must arrive punctually and adequately prepared for class. If a student is more than 15 minutes late without prior notification to the staff, they may be denied entry and must make up that class later.
8. During class sessions, cell phones or electronic devices are strictly prohibited. In an emergency, students must exit the class to use their devices. Disruptive behavior may result in dismissal from the class, necessitating a makeup session on a later date.
9. Students are only allowed to write on school materials if instructed to do so by staff members. Violators may be held financially responsible for any damages incurred
10. Class sessions will proceed as scheduled, even in inclement weather. Students can cancel their appointments, but it's important to note that a late cancellation fee will be imposed if the cancellation is not made on time. This policy encourages students to provide advance notice if they need to cancel their appointments to avoid any inconvenience and potential costs associated with late cancellations.
11. Class sessions will be canceled only in severe or dangerous weather conditions, and they will be rescheduled. However, if there is merely a "threat" of severe weather, such as a tornado "watch" as opposed to a "warning," class sessions will continue.
12. Classes may also be canceled if there is an insufficient number of enrollments.
13. If uncertain about cancellations, students should contact the school's office during business hours.
Virtual class
Regarding the virtual class program and MVA policy, the following points are important to note:
1. Access to a webcam and microphone is essential for students who wish to enroll in the virtual class program.
2. As per MVA regulations, all students must keep their cameras on and ensure their faces are visible throughout the virtual class.
3. Students are prohibited from engaging in any activities that may divert their attention from the class.
4. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in immediate removal from the virtual class and the need to make up the missed session when it is offered again, typically two weeks later.
6 Hours Behind the Wheel (BTW)
1. If a student arrives for a BTW (Behind-the-Wheel) session without a valid (State) Learner's Permit or Driver's License, appears to be impaired for any reason such as lack of sleep, intoxication, medication, or wears footwear that may hinder the safe operation of the vehicle, the lesson will be canceled and treated as a no-show. As a result, a no-show fee will be applied.
2. All students must be in closed toe shoes for safety.
3. It is a requirement for students in the GLS program to have all balances paid in full before they can schedule their Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) appointments.
4. Cancellations or appointment changes must be made by 5 pm, 2 business days before the scheduled appointment. Failing to provide the required notice will result in a no-show/late cancellation. However, in cases of illness or other emergencies supported by appropriate documentation, students can submit their circumstances to the office manager for fee waiver consideration.
5. State regulations indicate certification training sessions must be scheduled on separate days and a student may not train behind-the-wheel more than two hours in one day. Please do not schedule two behind-the-wheel sessions in one day.
6. The instructor has the right to terminate the student's session if the student fails to follow instructions or engages in unsafe driving practices.
7. If a student runs late to a scheduled behind-the-wheel session without providing prior notice, the instructor will wait at the training site for 30 minutes after the scheduled start time. If a student completely misses a scheduled behind-the-wheel session, they will be required to purchase an additional replacement behind-the-wheel session to make up for the missed appointment.
8. As part of the GLS program, students must pass their 3rd in-car session with a minimum score of 80% or higher and avoid any avoidable accidents to complete the in-car portion of the program successfully. If a student fails their 3rd driving session, they will be required to retake the session at the BTW retake fee until they achieve a passing score of 80% or higher.
9. Students can contact the school to schedule their in-car lessons completing Unit 3 in the classroom portion. The duration of completing the Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) sessions can vary depending on individual circumstances and the availability of both the student and the school. It is essential to understand that completing all the BTW sessions may take several months, as it depends on factors such as the student's schedule and the availability of instructors
10. All students must meet the instructor for their sessions at the designated school location. We do not provide pick-up and drop-off services.
11. We kindly ask for your patience if your instructor runs a few minutes late. There may be instances where they are delayed due to a driving test with another student. However, if your instructor has yet to arrive within 15 minutes of your scheduled appointment time, we request that you contact the office numbers provided. Our team will assist you and provide further instructions.
12. If a student is involved in an accident during their in-car session, the student will not be held responsible for any damages incurred. However, if damages occur to company cars or equipment due to the student's negligence or abusive behavior, the student will be held liable for the cost of repairs. Students must exercise caution, follow instructions, and carefully treat the company's property to prevent unnecessary damage.
13. While it is not common, student drivers are not exempt from being pulled over by law enforcement while operating a driving school vehicle. It is essential for student drivers to strictly adhere to all road signs, traffic laws, and regulations. If a student driver receives a ticket or citation from a law enforcement officer, they will be held responsible for the violation.
14. BTW, sessions are typically not canceled due to inclement weather conditions. However, students can cancel their appointments if they feel it is necessary. It is important to note that late cancellations, not made on time, may result in a late cancellation fee.
15. BTW, sessions will be canceled in severe or dangerous weather conditions. In such cases, the sessions will be rescheduled to a later date to ensure the safety of students and instructors. However, if the weather conditions pose only a potential threat, such as a tornado "watch" instead of a "warning," the BTW sessions may continue as scheduled.
16. The instructor can meet with parents or guardians before and after each training session for open communication and provides an opportunity to receive feedback, discuss the student's progress, and seek any recommendations or suggestions.
GLS Certificate
● Upon completing the 36-Hour GLS Program, certificates will be electronically submitted to the MVA (Motor Vehicle Administration) rather than provided directly to the students. This process ensures that the MVA receives the necessary documentation for verification and record-keeping purposes. Students will be notified about the submission of their certificates and can contact the MVA for further information or to request a copy if needed.
● After completing each section, students will receive the class record portion as proof of their participation and completion of the program. These class records are solely for the student's record-keeping purposes and are not required to be presented during their MVA Skills Test.
● Units 1 through 9 MUST BE completed before Unit 10 and the FINAL EXAM(50 question)
● Certificates will be issued to students only after they have met the following three conditions:
a) Cleared all payment balances: Students must have settled all outstanding payment balances associated with the program.
b) Successfully passed the in-class session with a score of 80% or higher.
c) Passed the in-car session with a minimum score of 80% or higher
● It is crucial to note that the entire course, including the classroom and BTW sessions, must be completed within 18 weeks from the first day of class. Please complete within 18 weeks to avoid an expired application fee plus any previous balances due, which must be paid before continuing the program.
● Installment, minimum $200.00, to secure a seat, the remaining balance is due by end-of-class date (day 10). No Behind-the-Wheel (BTW) sessions are scheduled until remaining balance is paid or an installment modification.
Refunds will only be issued to any student that withdraws from the program prior to completion and is still within the 18 weeks of the class start date.
4Life Driving School will issue a full refund if the request is submitted in writing, 2 business days prior to the start of the program. If less than 2 business days a $99.95 fee will apply.
All refunds will be issued at a prorated rate that follows:
36 Hours GLS:
1. Withdrawal two business days prior to start:
● 100% of fees of paid
2. Withdrawal post start:
a) In-Class Hours = 30
● Cost = $110.00*
● Prorate = $11/3hr class not received
b) In-Car Hours = 6
● Cost = $330*
● Prorate = $110/2hr class not received
3. Withdrawal after 18 weeks from class start date
● No Refund
BTW sessions:
If a student cancels a behind the wheel appointment with less than 2 business days’ notice, all future appointments will be canceled until a cancellation fee of $55.00 is paid.
1. Cancels two business days by 5 pm before the prior to start:
● 100% of fees of paid
2. Cancels after two business day by 5pm
● Total fee paid – (minus) late cancellation fee

Rental Car Policy:

1. In case of cancellation with a minimum of 2-business days' notice before the appointment, the
fee for the rental car will be fully refundable.
2. In case of cancellation with less than 2- business days' notice, there will be a charge of $50.
3. If the student can not take the test due to issues with Sams Driving School the fee for the rental
car will be fully refunded.
4. For any reason related to students' responsibilities such as documentation issues or failure of the
driving test there will be no refund for the rental car.